A car is part of the goods category that depreciates over time. That is an undeniable fact. But this can work for you in many ways. Indeed, buying a used car at Autobonjour has a lot of advantages.

First of all, buying a second-hand vehicle at Autobonjour means you will save money. The overall amount you will save in the end is substantial compared with the price of a new car.

Maybe you’re attracted to a different aesthetic. This is indeed what changes most of the time over the years. Sometimes we prefer the curves and the colour of a discontinued model. The second-hand market is therefore the only way to get this precious car.

Moreover, technology didn’t change that much over the last few years. For example, smartphones connectivity has been a part of the deal for years, as well as parking aids (rear radar and camera).

second-hand car doesn’t mean that it is in bad shape. Our technicians thoroughly check all our fleet for several reasons. First, they make sure that each and every one of the vehicles is up to Québec standards in terms of road safety. Then they make sure that everything is in working order inside and outside.

This is also the case for our certified used cars that are moreover inspected and come with a warranty from the manufacturer! One more reason to buy a used car.

Furthermore, when buying a second-hand vehicle, you encourage reuse and thus do something for the planet. It’s even truer if you go the hybrid or electric route which we have in stock.

To know more about our used and certified vehicles, please visit the corresponding page ou our website, or come visit us at Autobonjour in Saint-Jérôme or Saint-Eustache. If you have any questions, contact us! Our team will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.